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Mathematics and European stories by Spanish pupils (2005-2006)

A day out
Five friends are in the port of a town. The typical crops of the area are rice and oranges. The friends have come into a restaurant and three of them have ordered paella, which costs 6 euros per person and the other two have ordered "all i pebre" (a typical dish of potatoes and eel), which costs 10 euros per person. After dinner they want to row a boat in the lake where the port is. This costs 5 E per person. Knowing that there are only 10E left in the kitty.

Surrounding my hometown there are lots of orange trees. The farmers put the oranges in boxes. In the base of a box there's room for 28 oranges of the same size. If the diametre of each orange measures 8 centimetres, calculate: a)the dimensions of the base of the box (width and length) b)The surface of the base

The '92 Olympic torch
During the olympic games of 1992 something peculiar happened. A 59 year old professional archer lit the olympic torch. The height of the tower that held the torch was 11 times the archer's height. Bearing in mind that the archer's height in centimetres is the double of his age, at what height was the olympic torch?

The cycle track
In the cycle track "Lluis Puig",which is in Valencia, I run 1500m in 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Taking into account that one lap is 400m. long and supposing I run at the same rhythm all the time, how long does it take me to run each lap? And at what speed do I run?

The Fallas
Last year the city had an income of 100.000 euros during the Fallas festival. 30.000 visitors came in total. How much has the city What has the income been this year if there has been an increase of a 23% in the number of visitors? How many people came two years ago if there was a 12% less people than one year ago?

What's the number?
While taking a walk with my aunt around La Albufera we met an acquaintance who told us:"A number plus 3 equals the double of that number minus 3. What number is it?". Can you help me find the answer?

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