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Mathematics and European stories by French pupils (2005-2006)

Mr O'nell
Mr O'nell, an englishman, spends his holiday in Paris. He has 500 euros in his wallet. The first day, he visits the Eiffel Tower and he spends 1/5 of money. The second day he visits the Louvre and he spends 1/5 of the rest of his money. The last day of his holidays, he goes out for a walk in the street « La Fayette » and he buys his wife a very expensive coat. He decides to buy a magnificent clock which costs 155 euros. Has he got enough money to buy this clock?

The glass
Last night, my stemmed glass was empty. I had forgotten it on the table outside, it's rained all night long. I'm waking up and I saw that my glass is nearly full. How many centilitres of water fell during the night. To know the glass is conic and its radius is 3,75 cm and it measures 5,25 cm?

The lanes of Mount St Michel
Mr Dupont lives in Paris, he decides to go on holidays to the mount St Michel to enjoy the sea. When he arrives, he sleeps in there motel and pays 130 euros for one night. The next morning he decides to visit the lanes of Mount St Michel. For the night he decides to go to other hotel where he pays 1/9 less than for his first night. Then he visits St Malo for 4 hours. Finally he sleeps another hotel where he pays 17% less than for his second night. How much does he pay for his three nights?

The cycling competition
Mark takes part in 30 kilometres cycling competition in Brittany. After one lap in the Broceliande forest, which is located in the south-west of Rennes and has a surface area of 8000 hectares, Mark said he did 4/5 of kilometres. How many laps are needed to do 15 kilometres?

The Eiffel tower
A spy is on a mission. He is to calculate the height of the Eiffel Tower. One Saturday, he puts at the height of the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. He is positioned 200 meters far from the middle of this one. He takes his binoculars which make it possible to measure the distances and notices that there are 416 meters between him and the top of the Eiffel Tower. How hight is the Eiffel Tower?

The world of flowers
In the shop « The world of flowers » in Rennes, for mother's day, Mathieu, eight years old, bought with his fathers 182 tulips and 72 roses. With all the flowers, he wants to do as many bunches as possible for her mother. How many identical bunches can he do? How many flowers will there be in each bunch want to offer to her mother?

The Broceliande forest
Two Bretons are walking in Broceliande forest. They walk past a sundial which points to 12 O'clock. The sun is shining. They decide to measure the height of a menhir. For that, they use a branch of oak. The first puts it into the ground in the top part of the shadow of the menhir. The second who stands at the same level as the menhir and the branch, places his head at the extremity of the shadow of the branch. The first measures their distance with his foot.His foot measures 6 inches. He finds 100 feet between the branch and the Breton, and 240 feet between the branch and the menhir. Breton measures 1,30 meter. What's the height of the menhir?

The taxi
Mélanie and Kévin are Paris to visit the Eiffel Tower. They buy a croissant and then they take a taxi to go to see the Eiffel Tower. It costs them 80 euros to go to the Eiffel Tower. The driver says: « It is 7 euros for 3 kilometres ». How many kilometres did they travel to go to Eiffel Tower?

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