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Mathematics and European stories by Lithuanian pupils (2005 - 2006)

Exercise 1: Population
1. In 2000 the population in Lithuania was

1. 2. 3. 4. 3. 3. 3.
1. 6 + x - 4, if x=3 ;
2. 1+ 6y, if y=1 ;
3. 10: z-2, if z=5 ;
4. t+5, if t=0.
2. Is the population of Kaunas city the unknown result of this inequality x + 5000 > 420000?
3. Is the area of Kaunas city the unknown result of this mathematical equation 5000-x=4887?

Exercise 2: The Ancient Egypt

1. The Pyramid's of Cheops, built 45000 years ago in Egypt, base is a square with the area of approximately 50176 m2. The side walls of the pyramid are isosceles triangles with each slant height of approximately 185 meters. Calculate the height of the pyramid. (error 1 meter)
2. The task of Ancient Egypt. The area of a circle equals the area of a square with the side of 8/9 of the circle chord. How much is π?
3. The task of Ancient Egypt. Find the number if the sum of this number plus its two thirds minus one third of the sum equals 10.

Exercise 3: The students
300 students were questioned about their free time activities. The results were: sport - 30%; watching TV - 25%; reading - 20%; traveling - 10%, other - 15%. Imagine that these records are demonstrated in a pie chart. Calculate the measure of angle figuring the ones who like reading.

Exercise 4: The Universe
According to one of the hypothesis, the Universe exists approximately 15 billion years. Write the age of the Universe in the standard expression of a) years b) days c) hours.

Exercise 5: The wooden poles
On the road between Matuizai and Valkininkai there are wooden utility poles every 45 meters which were decided to replace by new ferroconcrete utility poles every 60 meters. How far from each other will be the new poles instead.

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