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Assessment (2007-2008)
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About maths exercises

We were very impressed to know that this task Where do we come from? (2), calculus with roots, was created by Czech pupils, they seemed very learned. Their task was really difficult at first sight but we like challenges so we tried to work it out. Our teacher gave us only one calculus for two pupils and in less than half an hour, we found alltogether the message. We learned that Czech pupils used the symbol "." for the multiplication and we wondered if they used the coma for the decimal numbers like us or the point like English pupils.
"We use coma, for example: 3,14" answered the Maths Czech teacher.

About movies

When our teachers told us what they had in mind we thought that it would be interesting but quite difficult. It was original indeed but what impressed us was the fact of being filmed while speaking English because most of us don’t feel at ease in this field and to tell the truth, we were afraid of making lots of mistakes. Although we wrote our scripts with our English teacher’s help and rehearsed them, it was not that easy in front of the camera but we really had fun doing that. We enjoyed working together and liked the idea of showing our videos to other teenagers and watching theirs so we tried to do our best. Moreover we were given the opportunity to create something without being told exactly what to do which was a pleasant feeling. Thanks to the I.T and Art teachers, we also learned how to use new software and improved a lot. In spite of a few technical problems (with the sound or the editing for example), we all managed to complete our videos in time and we are definitely proud of the result.

About Gymkhana
We thanks you for the Gymkhana, it was super. We would like to know why you chose these monuments ? Are they the most famous. Are there another famous monuments in Sevilla? Thomas and Fabien

It was rather difficult to do the Gymkhana because it took us quite a long time. But It was very interesting on the whole. Camille and Florian

The project was fascinating because we have never been to Spain and it allowed us to discover Séville. Thanks a lot! Virginie and Charlène

It was a great idea We ‘ve had some difficulties for the Alamillo Bridge for example. We couldn’t find the solution. Can you send it to us? Marion and Chloë

How long did it take you to do the Gymkhana ? Did you enjoy doing it ?Wasn’t it too difficult ? Congratulations ! Antoine and Clément

Your Gymkhana was good but we didn’t understand all the problems. Some words were too technical so we couldn’t solve the questions. Baptiste

It’s an original idea and we loved discovering your wonderful city. We’d like to visit Seville. Justine and Laura

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