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May 2007: e-mail from Jakub Ševčík (Czech Republic)
"I have just seen your project at web and I like it very much. It would be nice to cooperate with you and your students next year. There are not many mathematical projects in e-twinning. Your project seems to be very useful for students. They are playing and simultaneously they are learning. I would like to do some project with you next year."

June 2007: e-mail from Pilar Florez (Spain)
"We are a group of English and Maths teachers. Who are beginning working with other teachers in Europe. We are looking for European partners, math teacher, who want to collaborate with us. We have seen your work and all of us think that is a great job. For next year activities we would like to do with our students something similar to your presentation-work. And then, once they know each other do different maths activities using ITCs."

Here is a short description of this project:
Using both mathematics and elements of their own country (monuments, famous places...) students invent problems, write them in English then upload them on the Web.

June 2007: registration on the portal e-Twinning
Zakladni skola Semice
Semice-Czech republic
Collège M. Luther King
IES Las Aguas
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July 2007: e-mail
from Florence Bee (France)
"We also considered giving our pupils the opportunity to create something else. Here is the idea: having our pupils write short detective stories in English (in small groups), then direct them in videos. The end would not be revealed and it would be up to our friends to solve the riddles and explain their conclusions in English. As it is obviously longer than introducing oneself, it is something which could be ready during the last term (mid May for example) What do you think about it? Would it be possible for you to do something similar or do you have other ideas? It would be great to work together throughout the school year and motivating for the pupils as well. "

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